The SUPORT Project is starting the pilot of its e-Learning deliverable. You can click on this link: and go directly to the SUPORT e-Learning platform. You might want to add the address as a "favorite" on your browser.

Using Pearltrees

The SUPORT e-Learning platform is delivered using Pearltrees , an innovative, collaborative mind map-style social bookmarking service. You do not need to be a member of Pearltrees, but we believe your experience will be enhanced if you join (free and easy) and you can do that here: If you have never used Pearltrees before you might want to view the short video here:


Suggested learning approach

This overview will show you the way we suggest you use, initially, the SUPORT e-Learning platform. When you first arrive on the start page you will see this visual representation of your first choices. In this case the topics, starting just after the arrowhead, are: "Read this first", then, going clockwise, SME - representing Small or Medium Enterprise, and, finally, still going in a clockwise direction, HEI or Higher Education Institution.
Each of these circles or "bubbles" is referred to as a Pearltree [a collection of "pearls"] and represents a topic (or sub-topic) of interest. So, as an example, let's imagine that you are a business owner or employee and let's see what's "inside" the SME pearltree. Of course, if you are in a university or research organization, that is if you are a researcher, teacher or student, you would choose the HEI pearltree.


By simply clicking on the SME topic you now see (at left) the four main learning areas. Starting at the beginning, just after the arrowhead, and going clockwise, we can see the key learning topics in this order: topic 1 ... Benefits, topic 2 ... Challenges, topic 3 ... Preparation and topic 4 ... Facilitators. These are the same topic areas that you may have seen on the SUPORT Roadmaps that outline the approach to successful collaboration for innovation. Now, let's suppose you are just starting your learning activities ... we suggest you start at the beginning with Benefits so let's click on that pearltree and open it up.

  Now we see (at left) the sub-topics in the Benefits area. Once again these are the same subtopics listed on the SUPORT Roadmap. You'll notice that there are six subtopics in this area, going from the first, just after the arrowhead, which is subtopic 1.1 ... Problem Solving, and continuing in a clockwise direction up to sub-topic 1.6 ... International Networks.
  Let's take a deeper look at one of the sub-topics. For example, let's go deeper into the 1.3 pearltree entitled "Research". By clicking on this sub-topic we can see (here on the right) that the e-learning material is organized in a straight-forward, easy-to-understand fashion. Simply stated, in each subtopic you will cover, at least, the key areas of What, Why and How. In this subtopic then you'll be learning about: What is "research" related to innovation, Why is this important to you [as an SME ... assisted by an HEI] and How can you take advantage of this specific benefit. Each question, what, why and how, will be addressed by "bite-sized" learning materials which are videos, documents, infographics, presentations, etc. Each learning item is represented by a "bubble" or circle which we call a "pearl" and, as with the topics and subtopics, you can see the detailed information just by clicking on the pearl. For example, in the HOW section you see a number of different pearls. Let's take a deeper look at the first one here, entitled "Technology transfer | Enterprise Europe Network". By clicking on this "pearl" I bring up the detailed information and can scroll through it (see here below).

By clicking on the "Next" arrow, in the upper right, I can navigate through all of the "pearls", in order, without having to return to the subtopic "Benefits". However, to return to the overall view of the topic a simple click on the "Pearltrees" arrow on the upper left of the screen will suffice. You will be able to advance at your own speed, review materials as often as you need, and start/stop when and where you like and then easily return. In summary, all of the e-Learning material related to improved collaboration of businesses and universities for innovation is available online - easily accessible and in a logical, well-thought-out fashion. We wish you an excellent learning experience and much success with innovation.



Should you experience any difficulties whatsoever (access to the site, navigation, usage, etc.) please contact José PIETRI at: Don't hesitate. We are here to help you.