Meet the Team

The SUPORT consortium has developed over time to become a partnership embracing the Higher Education sector, SME associations and SMEs from countries facing severe problems in relation to innovation and competitiveness. Partners were selected based on three criteria:

expertise in varied approaches to higher education research at pure and applied levels
links to or knowledge of the target groups
experience in the management and implementation of large, transnational projects

In terms of expertise, UPVLC stand out for their experience and understanding of innovation transfer from HEIs to business. It is this for this reason that they are responsible for content development and pilot testing, which plays perfectly to these strengths. MLU excels in the broad scope of their appreciation of higher education challenges and solutions and are up to date on all relevant national and transnational higher education policies. For its part, the Northern Chamber is the largest and most active chamber in Poland, with extensive links Europe wide. Canice Consulting and Mindshare's expertise lies in alternative, informal and creative education techniques, whereas Louth CEB and NMEA have engaged many 1000s of SMEs in development programmes and have adopted innovative approaches to SME training and education, especially using new technologies. The latter two partners, as SME support bodies themselves, have indepth knowledge of the short and long term target groups, namely business advisory staff and the SME beneficiaries, and bring to their project their extensive network linkages. All partners, have participated in many successful EU-funded projects. This ensures that partners are aware of the high quality standards expected and the particular characteristics and benefits that can be obtained from transnational cooperation such that it works effectively to achieve project outputs.