O projekcie

SUPORT is a FREE learning resource helping small businesses to understand and access University expertise, and helping University research staff to access and understand small businesses…. SUPORT (SME University Partnership – Online Resource and Training) is an interactive online guide to help small businesses gain access to knowledge and research in Universities. It is a European Union ERASMUS funded initiative, established to design and pilot a web-based information/training resource specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and for Higher Education Institutes (HEIs). The aim of SUPORT is clear, to develop resources which enables SMEs to break down barriers & gain access to dormant research at HEIs & allow universities to find outlets for current and previous research, making them more responsive to current market needs

The project will

Identify the barriers that SMEs face when trying to access HEI research
Identify the barriers & training needs that HEI staff have in accessing and engaging SMEs
Design & produce a DVD training course for delivery to SMEs and HEI students
Design & produce a complementary web-site, directly targeting SMEs
Pilot test the training resource with target users
Promote the resources to maximise uptake
Carry out an evaluation of the project, to feedback into future policy

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